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Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Day @ School

This is the story about
my first day at school
in 2010

I've meet my friends
with their new clothes
a really new one
coz librarian already change their uniform
from the sky blue&blue black uniform in 2009
to dark red and white uniform in 2010

they are so pretty!!
I'm so jealous! hahaha~
just kidding

and also I've got a present from my best friend
it was a MUSICAL BOX
that was really nice of her
i really like it!
and for an exchange
i gave her a something i really love
i hope she like it!

OK, that was a good news
and the bad news is
i want to eat a burger
and u know what
the burger taste
not good
not even close to yummy
and the water too
i was so hungry!!

but not now

~well that's all~

1 comment:

  1. no pic of that musical box? upload lol~ he2
    actually, u go 2 wrong stall 2 eat burgers~ u need 2 find ppl who can make it delicious lol~ hu2


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