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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yay? 0_o

I'm in the Science class in my school
there's only too science class in my school
Alpha and Beta
i'm in Alpha
Alpha is the first science class and Beta is the second
the third one is Bestari
which was a
ekonomi or account class
after Bestari it's
Amanah. Cekal and Gigih
(it's a normal class but they can learn Arts!, i'm so envy with them! LOL)

And yea....
i'm seperate from my best friend, Fiqah...
she's in the second class, Beta
but luckily i have one more best friend in my class
now there's only too of us...
always...3 of us

and also the subject it's getting harder...
but i'll try my best
to go through all obstacles
i hope so...
~that's all for now~

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